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Overwatch 2 guide: Aim assist options and possible reasons why aiming feels off

Overwatch 2 guide
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Overwatch 2 guide

The problem with aim assist in Overwatch 2

Blizzard added a new type of aim-assist to Overwatch 2. That may not be great news for some players, but it does mean that there are now two settings.
Aim Assist Legacy Mode overwatch (or Aim Assist Legacy Mode overwatch) means that the game will try to keep your crosshair aligned with the point where you’re aiming at.
This setting was likely intended for console users or competitive players who want to maintain their accuracy when moving around quickly.
If you’re trying to play competitively on a PC, then this mode is probably not for you since its advantage is negated by high ping and lower skill levels. Blizzard released a patch called Aim Assist Off which turns this feature off entirely.

The three different types of aim assist

Aim Assist is one of the best changes in Overwatch 2. Aim Assist Legacy Mode overwatch allows you to turn on or off aim assistance for Widowmaker, Hanzo, McCree, Ana, and Ashe.
Aim Assist assists a player in targeting enemy players by slowing down their movement while ADS as well as applying a lag compensation system that makes shooting an enemy feel much more responsive.
Legacy mode is an option under aim assist where it will have improved consistency when zooming in or moving.
The concept behind the idea is to make aiming easier for those who are not comfortable with this type of aiming style that was added to Overwatch with the release of the Overwatch League update back in July 2017.

The pros and cons of each type of aim assist

Aim Assist Legacy Mode overwatch – the game will automatically aim at targets that you’re near, or aim in the direction you’re looking. You won’t be able to fire before an enemy has entered your crosshairs.
Aim Assist Legacy Mode – this type of aiming is often found in older FPS games, which also include Medal of Honor, Doom, Battlefield 1943, and Quake Live. It can provide a better experience for players who have less experience with aiming controls in games.
Aim Assist Destiny 2 – this mode emulates the style of having active shots, meaning the player’s shot follows your cursor without waiting for a target to enter its crosshairs.

Why some players may still feel like they're not getting enough aim assist

Many players have reported feeling like they’re not getting enough aim assistance while playing Overwatch 2. There are two main settings that can be adjusted to change the feel of aiming in-game, legacy mode and aim assist.
Legacy mode is a setting that was introduced with Overwatch 1 which changes the feel of aiming by giving a more Arcade style experience, while aim assist is a setting that adjusts how much help you receive when aiming.
Aim Assist Legacy Mode overwatch has been a popular change for players who want more help with their shots but don’t want to play in legacy mode as it’s too different from the original gameplay style.

How to change your aim assist settings in Overwatch 2

Aim assist is a feature that most games incorporate to ease the difficulty of aiming. Overwatch has three settings for aim-assist, and it’s important to understand each one before you make your selection.
Legacy mode aims for the center mass of the target, meaning it does not help with precision aiming. This mode is perfect for players who are familiar with shooting in games without an aim-assist because their muscle memory can take over.
Aim Assist Legacy Mode overwatch is perfect for gamers who want a little bit of help while they adjust to playing without aid or gamers who want to focus on other skills while they practice.



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