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Are peaches­čŹĹ good for you?

Are peaches­čŹĹ good for you?

Calling all Americans! The summertime is a great time to find out about the health advantages of seasonal favourites when the sun shines on our faces and fresh produce appears on store shelves. I’m Dr. Maria DeLuca, and I want to talk about something delicious today: peaches! so many people have big question Are peaches­čŹĹ good for you?┬á With just their delicious flavour, these fuzzy fruits are widely available in the US and have a surprising number of unknown health benefits. Let’s explore the benefits of adding peaches in your summer diet.

Why Peaches Deserve a Spot in Your Diet ?

Ah, summer. Sunshine, barbecues, and…peaches? You bet! This juicy, delicious stone fruit isn’t just a taste of the season; it’s a nutritional powerhouse that deserves a starring role in your diet. So, ditch the store-bought cookies and reach for a nature-made treat that’s bursting with flavor and benefits for your health.

A Real Source of Needed Minerals and Vitamins:

One medium peach boasts a mere 50 calories, making it a guilt-free snack. But don’t let the low calorie count fool you. Peaches are a powerhouse of essential vitamins and minerals including:

Vitamin A:
Is essential for immune system stimulation and for keeping good eyesight.

Vitamin C:
A strong antioxidant that supports the creation of collagen for healthy skin and aids in the fight against free radicals.

Needed to maintain heart health and control blood pressure.

Promotes gut health and helps with digestion.

A Real Source of Needed Minerals and Vitamins:

Boosted with Antioxidants:

Antioxidants, which are high in peaches, protect the body from damaging free radicals. These free radicals have a capacity to harm cells and promote long-term illnesses. It and vitamin C, two antioxidants found in peaches, may help lower the risk of heart disease and some types of cancer.

Digestive System:

Peaches are a good source of fibre, which is important for keeping the digestive system in good working order. Fibre makes you feel fuller for longer periods of time and encourages regularity, which helps with weight management.

Skin Health Ally:

The vitamins A and C in peaches contribute to healthy skin. Vitamin A promotes cell turnover, keeping your skin looking fresh, while vitamin C helps produce collagen, which provides elasticity and structure to the skin.

Selection of good peaches:

Look for peaches with vibrant colors like yellow, orange, or red, depending on the variety. Avoid peaches with excessive green skin.

Give the peach a gentle squeeze. It should be slightly soft but not mushy. Avoid peaches that are rock-hard .

A lovely, sugary peach flavour is pleasant. Do not buy peaches that smell bad or have no smell at all.

peach selection

How to storage peaches at home?

spread your peaches out in a single layer on a counter and let them get soften somewhat at room temperature.

Put peaches in a paper bag with an apple or banana to hasten the ripening process. Ethylene gas released by these fruits has the ability to quicken the ripening process.

To preserve freshness, place your ripe peaches in the refrigerator for a maximum of three to five days.

Avoid washing peaches until you’re ready to eat them. Moisture can encourage spoilage.

Are peaches good for diabetics?

While peaches do contain natural sugars, their low glycemic index (GI) suggests eating them won’t result in a sharp rise in blood sugar levels. For specific guidance on including peaches in your diabetic diet, it’s advisable to consult your physician.

Are peaches a good source of potassium?

Yes! One medium peach boasts around 285mg of potassium, an essential mineral that helps regulate blood pressure and maintain heart health.

How many peaches should I eat in a day?

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer, but a general guideline is to stick to 1-2 medium peaches per day. This allows you to enjoy their benefits without consuming excessive sugar.

Can I eat peach skin?

Peach skin is perfectly safe to eat and contains some additional nutrients. However, it can be fuzzy and unpleasant for some people. If you prefer, you can easily peel the skin with a paring knife before eating.

Delicious Ways to Enjoy Peaches:

Peaches are a summertime favorite here in the US, but who says you have to just eat them plain? Get creative and explore these delicious ways to enjoy this fuzzy fruit!

delisiouse peach

Snack Attack:

Slice ’em up for a refreshing and healthy snack on the go. Perfect for a picnic in the park or by the pool!

Smoothie Blast:

Blend some peaches with yogurt or milk for a cool and yummy breakfast or afternoon pick-me-up. Add a banana or some berries for extra flavor!

Grilled Goodness:

Fire up the grill and throw on some peach slices! They get all warm and caramelized, making a delicious summer dessert. Top with a scoop of ice cream or whipped cream for an extra treat.

Salad Surprise:

Ditch the boring salad and add some chopped peaches! They bring a burst of sweetness and juicy goodness to salads with chicken, feta cheese, or peppery arugula.

Baked Fun:

Love pie? Make a delicious peach pie, crumble, or cobbler! Peaches add a burst of flavor and moisture to these classic desserts. Perfect for a backyard BBQ or potluck.

Frozen Fun:

Freeze some sliced peaches for a cool and refreshing summer treat. They’re perfect for adding to smoothies, yogurt parfaits, or just enjoying on their own as a healthy and icy snack.

Boozy Brews:

Feeling fancy? Make a summer cocktail or sangria with muddled fresh peaches! It’s a delicious and refreshing way to enjoy adult beverages on a hot day.

Pantry Staples:

Don’t let those leftover peaches go to waste! Make jams, preserves, or chutneys to enjoy their delicious flavor all year round. Spread some peach jam on toast in the morning or whip up a chutney for a unique flavor on grilled meats.

Savory Surprise:

Peaches aren’t just for sweets! Try making a salsa with peaches, red onion, and a touch of jalapeno for a unique and flavorful condiment for grilled fish or chicken.

So next time you see peaches at the store, grab a bunch and get creative! With these simple ideas, you can enjoy the taste of summer all season long.



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