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Best Black Sand Beach In The World

Black Sand Beach

Black Sand Beach

If you love sunny beaches and the cool taste of coconut water, then you’ll want to get to these five best black sand beaches in the world as soon as possible! From Thailand to the Caribbean, these sandy beaches will blow your mind with their beautiful crystal-clear waters and many wonderful activities for you to try!
Best of all, even if you don’t have time to travel around the world now, you can still experience the beauty of these beaches right here on your computer screen by watching this amazing video compilation of them all!
Best Black Sand Beach2


This is the best black sand beach in the world. This beach is located on Hawaii’s Big Island and has a lot to offer. Its black sand is rough and sharp but in a good way. You feel like you are walking on lava rock when you walk on it, and it feels cool to your feet.
The water here is so clear that if you look down, you can see all the way to the bottom of the ocean floor where there are lots of sea creatures swimming around. There are also some hiking trails that go up into a lush green rainforest with lots of trees, flowers, and plants!
They’re easy enough for just about anybody to do, and they’re an awesome experience. You’ll get great views of the black beach and the mountain at the end of this trail. Along with these awesome hikes, you can try surfing or going snorkeling right off this black sand beach in the world!

What is a black sand beach?

Black sand beaches are not as common as the more traditional white sand beaches. Black sand is created when dark-colored rocks, minerals and other materials are eroded by the water and wind. This black sand creates a stark contrast against the surrounding turquoise water of the ocean.
There are many black sand beaches in the world, but here is one that made it to number six on our list: Guilin Beach in Australia. This beach has been named one of Australia’s top ten beaches by TimeOut Sydney.
Guilin Beach offers visitors a beautiful view of Lighthouse Beach and its promenade, which makes this beach a popular tourist destination for those visiting Sydney or Brisbane.

Why are black sand beaches so popular?

Black sand beaches, when contrasted with the clear blue waters and white-gold sands, are a true sight to behold. Maybe it’s due to the mysterious dark hue of the sand. Maybe it’s because these beaches aren’t as populated as other popular beaches in both Africa and South America.

Whatever the reason, we’ve compiled a list of what we believe are the five best black sand beaches in the world.

The Top Five Best Black Sand Beaches In The World:

1) Praia do Rosa: Located near Maresias, Brazil on Costa Verde Avenue – Praia do Rosa is just one of six black beaches on Brazil’s coast
It’s adjacent to two other world-famous black beaches that are also worth checking out — Praia do Camilo and Praia da Joaquina (though neither of them made our top five).
Known for being one of those places where you can sit back, relax under your umbrella, drink cold beer, smoke good cigars, and feel happy all day long, – if you’re looking for a beach you can while away hours without distraction or interruption then bring yourself here!
2) Montanhas Russas Beach, Nova Rússia & Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Montanhas Russas Beach is located near Nova Rússia in Rio de Janeiro State within 130 miles from Rio de Janeiro city center with an area of approximately 600 hectares.
This beach has been nominated in 2012 by CNN as one of the ten natural wonders in Latin America due to its incredible beauty. And what makes it stand out so much? Well, not only is this beach surrounded by mountains and perfect coves of aquamarine water—but the sand is pitch black. There’s nothing else like it anywhere else in the world!
3) Anse Source d’Argent, Seychelles – Another contender for one of the best black beaches in the world, Anse Source d’Argent has won many accolades over time such as being voted number three on National Geographic’s ‘World’s most amazing beaches.’
So why exactly does this beach stand out among others? Firstly, it’s an atoll in the Indian Ocean which means that the water there is always calm and crystal clear.
Secondly, the shallow shoreline guarantees that there will be very few waves or undertows making it a safe place to swim with no chance of drowning.
Thirdly, there are fantastic opportunities for snorkeling and scuba diving thanks to its proximity to both deep-sea coral beds and mangrove swamps which means you’ll find rare species hiding inside every nook and cranny.
Fourthly, there’s no shortage of marine life around Anse Source d’Argent which guarantees plenty of exploration during snorkeling excursions whether you want something large like sharks or something small like colorful fish–you’re sure to find whatever tickles your fancy.
Fifth, the combination of powder-soft sand and the turquoise blue ocean makes for a relaxing atmosphere that is as close to perfection as you can get.
4) Playa Negra, Chile – If you think black sand beaches are all about being mysterious, beautiful, and out of the way—then Playa Negra is the beach for you. This stretch of coastline in Chile’s Valparaiso Region is known for its beautifully rugged landscapes and lush greenery.
But don’t let the lush surroundings fool you—Playa Negra has some of the darkest sand in the world too. In fact, you can actually see the sand on the beach from space!
5) Waikiki Beach, Oahu, Hawaii – The last of the beaches in our top five list is arguably one of the most famous. Waikiki Beach is a famed destination for tourists and locals alike as it’s situated in Honolulu, Oahu.
Despite its location in a major city, there are still lots of palm trees that dot the white sand to create a sense of isolation which may have something to do with its popularity.

Where are the best black sand beaches in the world?

Best Black Sand Beach In The World3
To find the best black sand beaches in the world, you must first define what is a beach. A beach is an area of land that is surrounded by water, typically at least 100 yards from shore.
Now, to find the best black sand beaches in the world you’ll have to look on a map to see which countries have coastlines (which are blue lines on maps) and then go down their coastline until you come across a country with black sand beaches (these will be red dots).
Here’s a list of some of the best black sand beaches in the world:
– Lahaina Beach, Maui
– Wailea Beach Park, Maui
– Ka’anapali Beach, Maui -Anini Beach State Park, Maui
– Halona Blowhole, Oahu
– Molokai Black Sand Beach, Molokai
– Kawela Bay, Molokai


If you are looking for the best black sand beach in the world, this is it. I have been to many beaches but none compare to this one. If you’re lucky enough to visit Costa Rica don’t forget to check out Playa Ostional. This beach is only accessible by 4×4 and offers a black sand beach that’s nothing short of spectacular!



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