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Black History Month

Black History Month

Some Importants point You Should Also Know About Black History Month:


Black history Month Celebrated: February (US/Canada), 1 February – 1 March
October (Europe)

Observed by: US, Canada, Ireland, UK

Observed for: 54 years

Honoring the history and achievements of the African diaspora, including African Americans

Started in 1926 as “Negro History Week” in the US. Championed by Carter G. Woodson to highlight  contributions.

Officially Announced as This Month in 1976 by the US government.. A month-long tribute to Black achievements.

Remembering historical struggles: Slavery, segregation, and ongoing racial injustices.

Focuses on celebrating Black excellence, acknowledging historical struggles, and advocating for racial justice.

Theme for Black History Month in 2024


Every American president since 1976 has declared February to be This Month and support a particular theme.

African Americans and the Arts, the subject for Black History Month in 2024, examines the significant impact that African Americans have had in the domains of “visual and performing arts, literature, fashion, folklore, language, film, music, architecture, culinary and other forms of cultural expression.”

Let’s Journey Time of Black History Month:


Black History Month, which honours the significant achievements of Americans and focuses light on their ongoing struggle for equality, begins in February. Commencing in 1926, “Negro History Week” was inspired by historian Carter G. Woodson and aimed to bring attention to the stories of Black excellence that are sometimes overlooked. With time, this celebration grew, and in 1976 it was officially declared. It still has resonance today, not only in the US and Canada but also in some areas of the UK and Ireland. It serves as a powerful reminder of the Black community’s tenacity, success, and continuous fight for justice.

How To Celebrate Black History Month:


Learn about Black history and culture through books, documentaries, and museums.

Support Black-owned businesses and organizations.

Attend cultural events and festivals discussions in your community.

Participate in open conversations about race and racism.

Educate yourself and others about the ongoing fight for racial justice.

Share the Power of Black History

Use social media to raise awareness and share inspiring stories.

Mentor young people and share your knowledge.

Advocate for policies that promote equality and justice.

Also Remember:


Because February was the birthday month of Frederick Douglass and President Abraham Lincoln, Woodson decided to hold Negro History Week in that month. Douglass, a former slave who was unsure of his actual birthday, celebrated his on February 14, while Lincoln was born on February 12.

Why Europe Celebrate in October Black History Month?

There are several reasons why October is observed as  Month in Europe. One is useful since it is not at odds with activities taking place in the US and Canada in February. It also provides a historical link, since it falls around the time of harvest season, which historically brought a large number of African labourers to Europe, and the abolition of slavery in several European nations.

Lastly, for some, it’s an opportunity to recognise the complexity of Black history in Europe, which differs from the American story, to promote cross-cultural understanding and recognise  accomplishments within their own boundaries. October’s celebration provides Europe with an opportunity to acknowledge and consider the varied experiences and accomplishments of Black people and communities, despite differences in motivation.

Remember, Black history is a vibrant story built into the very structure of our culture, not just a month-long celebration. To make sure that its legacy inspires and empowers future generations, let’s commemorate, educate ourselves, and take action.



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