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Damsel: A Netflix Fantasy ( Movie Review )

Damsel: A Netflix Fantasy ( Movie Review )

Is Damsel Netflix’s

Next Big Hit or a Missed Opportunity?


Streaming Platform: Netflix
Release Date: March 8, 2024
Director: Juan Carlos Fresnadillo
Running time: 110 minutes
Millie Bobby Brown (Princess Elodie),
Nicholas Galitzine (Prince Henry),
Angela Bassett (Queen Eleanor),
Shohreh Aghdashloo (voice of Serapina the Dragon)

Damsel: A Netflix Fantasy , the newest fantasy film on Netflix, stars Millie Bobby Brown. Instead of waiting for a prince to save her, Elodie, played by Brown, faces a dragon in this film’s twist on the damsel-in-distress standard. Still, does Damsel provide the genre a fresh start, or does it become lost in its own smokes and mirrors?

A Dark Concept with a  Familiar  Feel

Prepared for the ideal royal marriage, Elodie soon learns that her happily ever after has a horrifying twist. She is thrust into a dragon’s nest and needs to use skill and fortitude to live. The idea is captivating, and Brown grants the brash princess with her trademark charm. But the storyline seems familiar, and some of the narrative decisions annoy the audience.

Visually Stunning, But Murky at Times

Damsel has a beautiful appearance. When compared to the fire-breathing dragon, the huge, dark views of the cave create an enthralling atmosphere. The action scenes are attractive, and there are moments of true humour, especially when the dragon’s voice actor, Shohreh Aghdashloo, adds a little of black humour to the proceedings.

But the darkness turns into a two-edged weapon. There are moments all over the movie where the visuals are hazy, making it hard to follow the action. Additionally, the dialogue fails, unable to develop a consistent voice due to an odd blend of fantasy jargon and modern common sense.

Is it a Feminist Fable?

Damsel attempts to tell a classic tale from a feminist viewpoint. Elodie actively fights for her survival, a vast cry from the passive princess of old. But the movie’s message becomes confused. In a film that aims to empower its heroine, Elodie’s provocative wardrobe choices seem out of place, and the supporting female characters are weak.

A Future Netflix Offering

While not an original work of art, Damsel reflects a growing pattern on Netflix: strong female leads in fantastical stories. Without its drawbacks, the movie could serve as a springboard for more complex portrayals of female heroes.

The Final Judgement

Damsels are not all alike. Brown’s performance is sure to please her fans, and the action scenes are entertaining as well. On the other hand, viewers may be left wanting more due to the predictable plot, uneven timing, and undeveloped characters.

Should you stream it?

Damsel might be worth a watch if you’re searching for a light fantasy adventure featuring a bold protagonist. However, there are better choices available for people looking for a deep story with an unique message.

So, Damsel A Netflix Fantasy Movie review presents a fair assessment of Damsel, praising Brown’s acting and the visual effects of the movie review while criticising the story’s simplicity and the characters’ lack of depth. Whether you choose to stream a fun movie or an insightful story ultimately comes down to your priorities.



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