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Deadpool Black White and Blood 3: A Comprehensive Review

Deadpool Black White and Blood 3
Deadpool Black White and Blood 3, like its predecessors, has been one of the best Marvel Movies in recent years. This review offers a comprehensive overview of the movie, including storylines and character development. You will learn how the comic book was created and what makes it such an entertaining read.
Hopefully, this review helps you decide whether you want to see Deadpool Black White and Blood 3 or if you should stick with the traditional print version of this comic book series. Keep reading to find out more!
Deadpool Black White and Blood 3


When Deadpool first came out, I wasn’t much of a fan. Something about the character didn’t resonate with me. But after the second one came out, I had seen enough to realize that this was an amazing character. So when I heard he was getting his third movie, I was ecstatic. After seeing the movie, though, I felt like it left something to be desired.


The characters in Deadpool Black White and Blood 3 are what make the story so interesting. The three main characters are:-
Deadpool Black White and Blood-1

1) Deadpool

2) Bullseye

3) Elektra

The story is told from their perspective which makes the dialogue seem more natural. It’s also interesting that all of these characters have a dark past that they try to hide from each other. These character traits cause major conflict between them, but it also adds tension to the plot.


Marvel has continued the trend of releasing comic book films that are not only box office successes but also critically acclaimed. The latest addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe is Deadpool, a film about a man turned anti-hero who is given accelerated healing powers by an experimental drug that was intended to cure his cancer.
He spends years travelling around America as both a mercenary and a vigilante, waging war against other mercenaries, gangs, organised crime syndicates, terrorist organisations, and anyone else who gets in his way.

Artwork, Colors and Letters

This issue is full of action, adventure, and humor. The reader gets to see Deadpool in many different situations. The artwork by Joe Quinones is fantastic with the colors by Rico Renzi adding a layer of intensity to the scenes. As for lettering by VC’s Clayton Cowles, it is always top notch.

Packaging, Design and Value

The packaging is a black box with Deadpool’s face on it. The design has a white background with Deadpool’s symbol in the middle of it, which is all red. The back of the box has information about the movie, including screenshots from the film. Inside the box, there are three discs – one for Blu-Ray, one for DVD and one for digital copy. This is an excellent value because you can watch this movie on so many different platforms!

Overall Conclusion

If you’re looking for a well-written, complex story with compelling characters, Deadpool is the comic book series for you. Deadpool Black White and Blood 3 is an excellent example of the kind of storytelling that makes Marvel so great. Although it’s not as funny as the other two volumes in this series, it does have its moments, which balances out the darker aspects of the story really well. The artwork is phenomenal as always, with some mind-blowing panels throughout.



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