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Get Ready to Score Some Goals with FIFA 22


The FIFA franchise has been around for years and the newest game in the series, FIFA 22, is sure to continue to please gamers with its improved graphics, realistic gameplay, and the introduction of moments mode.

If you are considering playing FIFA 22 but are still on the fence about it, this article will give you an overview of what to expect from this football game so that you can make your decision with confidence. You will learn about the new features of this version of the game as well as what users who have played previous versions are saying about this one.
Tips on scoring

Tips on scoring FIFA 22

Having a Game plan when you are on the field will ensure that you don’t hesitate, react too late, or make any mistakes that could be critical in scoring. The first step is not only picking the right player, but choosing a formation as well. Your strategy should depend on whether your team has more defensive or offensive players and what kind of match it is (league or cup). For instance, if your team does not have much possession and does not have many chances for goal, then pick a formation like 4-4-2. If your team is good at attacking, go with 3-5-2.

You also need to think about your defense – this includes who’s going to defend and where they’ll be defending from. When the ball gets near their zone, defenders need to back off so they can close down potential attackers. Make sure all players know where they’re supposed to be – by setting them up at different points on the field you’ll create space between them and give them each an area of responsibility.
The key thing is practicing formations before playing a game so everyone knows their role – after all, soccer’s hard enough without forgetting what you’re supposed to do!

Attacking controls

FIFA 22’s attacking controls are some of the most responsive and instinctive we’ve seen in a sports game in recent years. They are designed to give you full control over every decision on the field, from how and when to shoot, pass or dribble, how much space to create for your teammate, and where on the pitch you want them positioned.
The key new element of this year’s attacking mechanics is that, after dribbling into range for a shot, players must now wait for the ‘finish line’ to appear across their feet before taking another step. Once it appears they can shoot, pass or take any other desired action.

Selecting players

Start by deciding on the players you want to use in your lineup. A good tip is choosing at least four out of seven players from one team, as this will help you control possession. Players need rating points in order for them to perform well during games, so check their attributes and skill moves before selecting them.
You can look at your full squad as well, but it might take longer if you plan on using everyone since everyone needs points before they can be used. Lastly, don’t forget that some players might need Contract Renewal Points before they can be selected for matches too!

Defensive controls

When you are playing defense, one of the first things you will want to do is position your player in a good spot that will help disrupt the other team’s attacks. Positioning them at the edge of the six-yard box can be very effective as it gives you a chance at blocking goal-bound shots and forcing attackers out wide where there is more space and less defenders
Also, try placing your defender near your own goal for another defensive bonus. Whenever possible, try putting some distance between your defender and an attacker who has beaten one of your defenders and is heading towards the box because having two players in front of a shot will dramatically decrease its chance of going in. Now that we’ve discussed positioning defensively, let’s talk about some actual defending!

Goalkeeper controls

In other words, when you’re the goalkeeper, you use L2 and R2 to jump in different directions. If a player is making a lob shot at your goal, it may be helpful to leap up high in the air so that you can see where they’re shooting from and make a block.
This time around, EA SPORTS have tried their hand at touch controls for a change (something they’ve been wanting to do for years). For example, if a forward runs up towards the goal and tries shooting at it there’s nothing stopping you from moving the controller backwards before he takes his shot – which will knock it out of play for an incoming teammate.

Tips when playing online

1. It’s important to know the basics when playing in online games. Practice makes perfect, so playing a lot will make you a better player and win more matches.
2. PES Shop is an amazing way to get coins and items without having to spend any money at all.
3. Play against your friends or get matched up in a random game. The more you play, the higher your rank will be which means you’ll have access to even tougher competition than before!
4. Watch replays of other players so that you can see what strategies they used in their games and why they may have succeeded or failed in each match-up for help on how to improve your own gameplay strategy.
Tips when playing online



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