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How Much Will My Dog’s Vaccinations Cost?

How Much Will My Dog's Vaccinations Cost?

Woof! A 2024 Price Guide for US  Dog’s Vaccinations Owners


It’s crucial to keep your pet healthy, and that includes giving them their shots. But it can be difficult to calculate the cost because there are so many different shots and boosters. Pet parents need not worry! This guide analyses the most recent survey data (from early 2024) on dog immunisations in the United States, including vaccination costs, age ranges, and practical advice.

Dog Vaccination Schedule & Costs:

An overview of common dog vaccinations, when they should be given, and an estimate of the cost range for the US are given in the accompanying table. Keep in mind that these are only estimates, and that final costs may change based on your location, the veterinarian, and other factors.

Puppies (6-8 weeks): DHPP series begins (usually 3 shots needed, $20-$40 per shot).

(10-12 weeks): Second DHPP shot in the series ($20-$40).

Puppies (14-16 weeks): Third DHPP shot to complete the initial series ($20-$40).

1 Year: Rabies vaccination required by law (frequency varies, $15-$60).

1 Year: DHPP booster shot to maintain immunity ($30-$50).

Throughout Life (as needed): Rabies booster required by law (frequency varies, $15-$60).

DHPP booster shot recommended every 3 years ($30-$50).

Throughout Life (as needed): Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination recommended for social dogs ($20-$40).
Canine Influenza vaccination recommended for some dogs ($45-$65).
As needed: Lyme Disease vaccination recommended in high-risk areas ($20-$40)…

Beyond Cost: Important Vaccination Factors

Cost is a consideration, but preventive is important. When choosing a vaccine, keep the following in mind:

Age and Lifestyle of Your Dog:

Puppies need a set of essential immunisations. As your dog gets older, he may require booster shots and other vaccinations depending on his lifestyle (e.g., boarding, dog parks).

Advice from Veterinarians:

Your veterinarian is qualified to determine the best vaccination regimen for your dog based on an evaluation of its unique needs and risk factors.


The frequency of rabies vaccines may be governed by local restrictions. Consult your neighbourhood animal control agency or surgeon.

Above the Basics: Extra Points to Think About

Immunity Gap:

To achieve complete immunity, puppies need to receive a number of shots. Remember that there may be a “immunity gap” between vaccinations, during which time they may be more prone to disease.

Booster Schedule:

Throughout your dog’s life, booster shots are essential to preserving immunity. Consult your veterinarian about the ideal timetable for your dog.

Lifestyle Vaccinations:

Depending on your dog’s lifestyle and risk factors, certain vaccines, such as Lyme disease or Bordetella (Kennel Cough), may be advised. Talk to your veterinarian about them.

The Last Wag: Vaccinations: A Smart Move

A healthy vaccination schedule is essential to good pet ownership. You can guarantee your pet has a smooth and healthy life by being aware of vaccination costs, schedules, post-vaccination care, and any adverse effects. Keep in mind that a happy dog is one that is both safe and healthy, which benefits everyone!

If you notice any of the following,

contact your doctor immediately:


Severe vomiting or diarrhea
Difficulty breathing or swelling of the face or muzzle
Hives or excessive itching
Lethargy lasting more than 2 days
Fever exceeding 103°F (39.4°C)



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