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How to copy a YouTube comment

How to copy a YouTube comment

In order to copy a YouTube comment, you will need to follow these steps

Step 1: Finding the right video

Find the video you want to make a comment on. Make sure the video is from your country, or at least in your language. The description should say ‘Subscribe.’ Step 2: Viewing the video: When viewing the video, click on ‘Subscribe,’ and when you scroll down there will be a box called ‘Leave a Comment and one below that that says Sign up with YouTube.

Click on the second one. On the next page, it’ll ask for your email address and name. You don’t need to use your real name but try not to use any names of someone else’s either. On this page, it’ll ask for a password as well so make one up. You can also change the email address before submitting if you have an account you prefer using instead.
When did it ask what kind of notification emails you want? You can choose all of them if you are very interested in comments left on this video (but beware of SPAM) or none at all if you only really care about getting notifications about comments that mention something specific (examples would be a good job! or Nice!). Now write your comment!

Step 2: Finding the best time to leave your comment

1) Find the video you would like to leave a comment on.
2) Go to the time of the video, and wait for the next minute or two when there are not many comments, and click Leave Comment on that time slot in order to leave your own comment.
3) Fill in your name, and paste your message into the text box below that says What’s on your mind?
4) Click Post Comment. That’s it! You’ve successfully copied someone else’s YouTube comment.
There are lots of other people who will see your copied comment! It is really easy to find the best time to post on someone else’s YouTube video, so you can make sure that no one else has left a comment before you do.

Step 3: Copying and pasting the copied content

The next step is to copy and paste the copied content.The copied text should be highlighted so you can easily paste it into your comment box. After you’ve clicked on the Paste button, check that your comment looks good and click on Post.
If there are any errors in your comment like spelling or punctuation, go back and fix them. Once the error has been fixed, click on Preview Comment to ensure everything looks right before posting.
It’s time for some quick keyboard shortcuts for posting! Pressing Ctrl + V will do just about anything for you in terms of copying and pasting from other sources or from one document to another document.

Step 4: Editing your copied comments

Editing your copied comments
Edit your copied comments.
– Always double-check for typos and punctuation.
– Take the time to update the links, tags, and descriptions of the videos you are commenting on. This will make it easier for other people who might be interested in those videos. It will also show them that you actually watched their content and enjoyed it enough to leave a comment.
– If the link is still live, be sure to put live after www or HTTP. You should also keep track of which tab you were editing if you want to go back and add more info later.
– You can put a sentence limit on how many sentences you want your comment to include (be aware this could cut off part of your message). If so, click Enter at the beginning of where you want the comment to end.



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