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Lexus Interface Review (2022): A Long-Overdue Infotainment Upgrade

Lexus infotainment upgrade
Lexus infotainment systems have, historically, lagged behind other automakers in terms of user-friendliness, ease of use, and features.
Lexus has recently announced that they will finally update their infotainment system to something better and more modern, although the 2022 model year may be the earliest this new technology comes out.
The full upgrade of the Lexus infotainment system is long overdue, and it’s good to see them take this step at last. Here’s why you should pay attention to the Lexus infotainment system redesign and what to expect from it.
Lexus Interface Review-2

Lexus infotainment upgrade:- Introduction

The Lexus infotainment upgrade was long overdue. The company’s previous system was one of the most clunky, unintuitive interfaces on the market.
The new interface is a major improvement, though it still has some drawbacks that should be addressed in future iterations.
The new infotainment system is much easier to use and looks better than before. It offers a slick, modern look with eye-catching animations and well-designed menus that are easy to navigate. However, there are some aspects of the interface that still need work.
One example is the system’s map function. Even though it has improved significantly from past versions, I found myself missing features like street labels and pinch-to-zoom capabilities.
The audio settings menu also needs more clarity as to what each option does. Thankfully these are relatively minor flaws that can hopefully be resolved soon.
The fact remains, however, that the Lexus infotainment upgrade is an excellent step in the right direction for the company’s software offerings. With some more fine-tuning and improvements here or there, they may have one of the best systems out there by 2023!

It's a dashboard war, and Lexus was losing

Lexus Interface Review-3
Lexus has been lagging behind other car manufacturers in the digital department, but now they’re finally getting with the times.
For starters, there is a unified home page that puts all your functions on one screen. And within this interface are a slew of changes that will make Lexa an easy car to use in the next year or so.
This includes upgrades such as an available head-up display for drivers who still want it, as well as innovative features such as lane changers and collision mitigation.
One of the best things about this Lexus infotainment upgrade is that, unlike past updates, it won’t require you to purchase new vehicles from scratch.

Finally, a touchscreen

Lexus Interface Review-4
The Lexus infotainment upgrade is a long time coming. The current interface is dated, unintuitive, and not at all user-friendly. There are six icons on the screen that are used to control navigation, vehicle settings, audio functions, and phone controls.
You have to tap three or four times just to do something as simple as changing the radio station.
You can’t use the touchscreen unless you’re parked in the park, which means if you need to react quickly because of an emergency or a hazard, you’ll be fumbling with your device for way too long instead of being able to drive defensively.
The upgraded system doesn’t solve all of these issues entirely but it’s worlds better than what Lexus currently has available.

Physical controls still have a place

Lexus Interface Review-5
The Lexus infotainment upgrade is long overdue, but it is finally here. Physical controls still have a place when using this interface.
The new physical buttons are well-designed and responsive, and the screen touch sensitivity has been greatly improved.
The system does not support Android Auto or CarPlay for iPhone users, which is disappointing for those who want to use their phone’s native navigation app.
However, the system does work with Siri Eyes Free and Alexa Voice Services, so Apple users may be able to use their voice assistant of choice in some cases. Overall, this update was worth the wait and should please most Lexus owners.

Touch or talk

Lexus Interface Review-6
It’s been a long time coming, but the Lexus infotainment upgrade is finally here. The interface looks clean and modern, making it easier for drivers to find what they need with less scrolling.
It has improved voice recognition and search capability, plus new features like in-car streaming for Apple Music and Google Play Music.
The app integration is a little more difficult to navigate than before, but there are so many more options now. If you’re looking for a new car, it’s worth checking out the upgraded infotainment system before you make your decision

The promise of OTA updates to come

Lexus Interface Review-7
The first thing you notice about the Lexus infotainment system is how responsive it is. While many automakers still stick to resistive touch screens, Lexus’ interface responds seamlessly to your fingers and the entire system feels like a breath of fresh air.
The biggest and most noticeable difference in this new system is the removal of all hard buttons, making room for large, easy-to-read icons that pop off the screen.
The size and placement of these icons make it easy to find what you need without having to look too far down on the screen.
The other major improvement in this new infotainment system is its responsiveness to voice commands.

Lexus infotainment upgrade:- Patience is a virtue

Lexus Interface Review-8
The Lexus infotainment upgrade for the 2022 model year is a long overdue improvement to an already great infotainment system.
This year, Lexus had the foresight to update the interface for both their touchscreen and their knobs and buttons.
The infotainment screen now has less of a lag time when inputting data or making selections from menus, meaning it’s easier to use while driving.
The new knobs and buttons are also easier to press down because they’re larger than before, so there’s less of a chance that you’ll need to take your eyes off the road while using them.

Lexus infotainment upgrade:- Conclusion

The Lexus infotainment system is finally getting an upgrade. The new interface will be released in the 2022 models and is a long-overdue update to the outdated infotainment system.



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