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Lizzo Faces Sexual Harassment

Lizzo Faces Sexual Harassment

Lizzo Faces Sexual Harassment


Lizzo, the Grammy-winning singer and body positivity icon, is facing sexual harassment allegations from three of her former dancers. The dancers, Arianna Davis, Crystal Williams, and Noelle Rodriguez, filed a lawsuit against Lizzo and her production company, Big Grrrl Big Touring Inc., on Tuesday, August 1, 2023.

  • Name: Melissa Viviane Jefferson, better known by her stage name Lizzo
  • Age: 34 (Born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1988)
  • Living: Los Angeles, California
  • Marital status: Single
  • Personality: Positive, funny, and confident
  • Occupation: Singer, songwriter, rapper, actress( Known for her catchy beats and                                             empowering lyrics)
  • Personality: Known for her positive attitude and her sense of humor
  • Latest topic for news: Sexual harassment allegations

Lizzo exposes sexual harassment in the music business.Lizzo recently spoke out against sexual harassment in the music industry and admitted that she had personally been a victim of it. She demanded that the sector do more to protect artists against harassment.

The manager of Lizzo has released a statement on sexual harassment claims.The singer Lizzo has been accuse of sexual harassment, and her manager, Roger Gold, has respons. Lizzo, according to Gold, takes the accusations “very seriously” and is aiding the inquiry.

Support for Lizzo can be seen through her followers. Following the release of the sexual harassment charges, Lizzo’s supporters have rallied behind her. Social media has been used by them to express their love and support for the singer

Allegations of  Lizzo Faces Sexual Harassment


According to the lawsuit, Lizzo and her colleagues harassed the dancers on the basis of their race, religion, and sexuality. The dancers claim that Lizzo bullied them into having  with her and other team members and made sexist comments about their weight and attractiveness. Additionally, they claim that Shirlene Quigley, Lizzo’s dancing captain, treated them unfairly due to their religious convictions.


Lizzo has not yet responded to the allegations. However, her manager, Roger Gold, has said that she takes the allegations “very seriously” and that she is cooperating with the investigation.


Her career has been greatly impact by the Lizzo sexual harassment charges. Her next tour has been postpone, and she has lost several sponsors. Additionally, the charges start a public discussion about sexual harassment in the music business.

Lizzo has had an important impact on the body positivity movement and has motivated many people to accept who they are physically. According to her, she wants to “change the world’s perception of beauty” and encourage people to “love themselves no matter what.”

There are no upcoming events for Lizzo as of August 2, 2023. The claims of sexual harassment against her forced the cancellation of her most recent tour, “Special Tour,” indefinitely. If and when the tour will be reschedule are up in the air.

Call to Action

There are services available to assist you if sexual harassment has affected you or someone you know. The National Sexual Assault Hotline’s number is 800-656-4673, and you can reach them online at

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