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Prague University Shooting: A Day of Horror and Heartbreak

In Prague University Shooting  14 people were murdered and 25 were injured when a shooter started fire at Prague’s Charles University.  Charles University, one of the oldest universities in Europe, was established in 1347 and is the biggest and oldest in the Czech Republic.



Police say the 24-year-old gunman was also killed in the incident.

Employees and students were instructed to lock themselves in their rooms during the attack.

The prime minister expresses his sympathies: Petr Fiala, the prime minister, dismissed his plans and defined the day as “tragic.”
The gunfire started in the Faculty of Arts building on Jan Palach Square around 3:00 p.m. local time.
Videos on social media show people running shouting from the community and jumping out of windows.
The shooter was identified by the authorities as a university student from a village near Prague.

Witness Stories Paint a Stunning Picture of the Prague University Shooting on a Day of Lost Peace

Academician Sergei Medvedev:

had just finished a lecture at the time of the shooting.
Because of the confusion and his attention on the lecture, he was first ignorant of the situation.

after hearing police activity and not seeing any news coverage, I became aware of how serious the incident was.
remained hidden for more than an hour until the cops forced them to leave.

Hannah Mallicoat, a tourist:

watched the gunfire from Jan Palach Square.
I initially thought the gunfire were fireworks until I noticed people running.
just avoided being shot in the head.
took shelter in a store and witnessed a huge police and paramedic response.

Professor Sergei Medvedev:

Was giving a lecture when the shooting began.
Initially unaware of the situation due to the noise and his focus on the lecture.
Realized the seriousness of the event after hearing police activity and seeing no news reports.
Sheltered in place for over an hour before being evacuated by police.

Tourist Hannah Mallicoat:

Witnessed the shooting unfold from Jan Palach Square.
Mistook the initial shots for fireworks until seeing people running.
Narrowly escaped getting hit by a bullet.
Saw a large police and ambulance response after taking cover in a store.

Student Joe Hyland:

Heard four gunshots and witnessed widespread panic.
Ran for cover despite his injured knee.
Took refuge in the metro with friends.

Students at Charles University said ; that they had locked themselves in their classrooms.

As it happened, Charles University student Jakob Weizman posted on X (previously Twitter) with the caption, “Currently stuck inside my classroom in Prague.”

“Locked the door before the shooter tried to open it.”

The Reuters news agency obtained an email alerting faculty of arts staff of the shooting.

It said: “Stay put, don’t go anywhere, if you’re in the offices, lock them and place furniture in front of the door, turn off the lights.”

The panic and terror that consumed Charles University and the surrounding area during the shooting is clearly shown in these eyewitness reports overall. They also draw attention to the police’s prompt action and the visitors’, teachers’, and students’ valiant efforts to find safety.



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