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The Case for Being Inconsistent Online


There’s a lot of debate in the blogging world about how consistent you should be with your blogging schedule, and I’ve seen people on both sides of the spectrum. Some bloggers say that consistency is key to succeeding, while others argue that being inconsistent can actually be more helpful to your blog’s growth and revenue because it keeps people coming back each day without knowing what they’ll find when they get there!

Which side are you on? Why? What do you think would happen if you switched from being consistent to being inconsistent?


Why consistency doesn’t work

Trying to be more consistent online can be exhausting and frustrating. If you’re looking to put in less effort, experiment with being inconsistent. What it boils down to is this: If you have some high-quality content or a really good product that people want and need, inconsistency is totally fine! Just keep in mind that the pressure to produce consistently will fade if your content or products are going viral or garnering a lot of views and shares.

Bottom line: Let go of all those thoughts about if I only posted more often I’d grow my following faster. As long as what you post continues to resonate with your audience, don’t worry about posting frequency at all!

Why being inconsistent works

Being inconsistent online has many benefits. When your blog posts are published at different times, it forces readers to consistently check in for new content. That’s why it may be worth developing the skill of publishing new content when you feel the desire or are inspired, not when a timer tells you to.

You also increase your chances of people sharing your blog post or mentioning you on social media because they saw something that really interested them. Plus, publishing sporadically makes you more like an individual instead of an automated machine posting the same thing over and over again. Ultimately, there is no right way to run a blog—only what works best for each individual blogger. For some bloggers, having strict consistency with their schedules will work wonders. For others, being inconsistent might be the key to finding success with their blog posts.

What matters most is figuring out which strategy will work best for you and then making sure you follow through with it every day!

20 ways to increase engagement by being inconsistent

Think of social media as your ability to market your product or idea to as many people as possible. As such, it doesn’t make sense to be too consistent when you don’t want everyone to know about it right away.

Just change up the schedule every so often by posting earlier in the day or on different days of the week and no one will suspect a thing.

You can also post less frequently by sticking to a 5-day posting plan or limiting yourself to 30 posts per month. You might even consider posting in another language other than English if that makes more sense for your audience! There are plenty of tools out there that let you do this without having to worry about translating anything yourself. Just make sure you know how to spell before going off into la la land.



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