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The Fashion Poet

Fashion Poet

Not many people consider the Fashion Poet, but why should that matter? In fact, they do exist and they can play an important role in Fashion marketing. A Fashion Poet acts as an intermediary between brands and consumers with their writings, which are similar to those of haiku and allow them to speak directly to their audience.

Fashion 1

Why they should care about you

Want to be fashionable but can’t afford the prices of designer clothes? Love poems? Don’t know what to do with your words and phrases that come out of your mouth sometimes? As a natural introvert, I don’t either. It’s not easy to put yourself out there in this social media era, but in some ways it makes things easier because now you’re using your words to say something more than ever before.
You can find all the aforementioned qualities (fashionable and poetic) in what I call the fashion poem. Fashion poems are short pieces of poetry or prose written from a stylish perspective – wear, see, hear. Just like any poem though, fashion poems have lines and stanzas, making them not too different from regular poems.

What can they do with your content?

Fashion poet

A Fashion Poet is someone who knows how to express beauty through words. They’ve found a way to unlock all the intangible and ephemeral qualities of things and by doing so they’ve created something special. People come to them because they want to be surrounded by more than what they see; they want more than a functional object; they crave emotion, sentiment, sentimentality.

It’s not enough for things simply to serve their practical purpose anymore: people want them to tell a story as well, and that’s where the Fashion Poet steps in.

How to be a successful fashion poet :

successful fashion poet
1) Design your blog. If you’re not a designer, I recommend finding someone who is to make it work for you. You’ll want to think about all the different elements of the site (colors, images, fonts) and how it fits in with your brand. Don’t be afraid to change things up later on but it’s always good to start with a solid foundation in place.
2) Determine your content and voice plan . Do you want your blog to feature personal posts about shopping trips or want it to focus more on editorial content? Whatever you decide, keep your audience in mind while making these decisions.
3) Find bloggers/influencers that are relevant to what you’re writing about and follow them on social media channels like Instagram. They will help get the word out and provide you with inspiration as well!
4) Finally, post regularly ! If readers come back expecting something new each time they visit your page then they will be more likely to return again! There’s nothing worse than opening an app or checking into a website only to find that there are no new updates so why should anyone else bother either? Posting consistently is also essential when it comes to building and engaging a following which can ultimately lead to monetization opportunities through ad sales or sponsored posts.
Those goals might seem lofty at first but remember that this isn’t a sprint – this is a marathon. In order to win, you have to show up every day and put in the work.



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