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The Top Five Things to Discuss With Your Art Gallery Calgary Before Opening Night


You’ve put your heart and soul into creating beautiful artwork, now it’s time to show it off to the world! However, the road from artist studio to gallery walls isn’t always smooth, especially when you’re putting together your own art exhibit. Here are the top five things to discuss with your art gallery Calgary before opening night!

Your Art Gallery

Who are your clients?

As an artist, your art is all you have. And as the owner of an art gallery, it’s your responsibility to provide an environment that honors and respects the artwork, while providing a wide range of artists.

In order to do this, it’s important that you talk with your clients before opening night. When talking with them, be sure to ask about their interests in regard to what kind of artwork they want to be displayed in their home or office.

What size are they looking for? Do they prefer paintings or sculptures? Who are some of their favorite artists? Is there anything about their personal style that may inform what pieces they would like in their home or office?

What are you selling?

It doesn’t matter what it is, your art gallery should be a reflection of your individuality. So that means take a look at your product first.

What are you selling? Do you sell art? Jewelry? Ceramics? Food? Make sure you know before opening night. That way when someone asks about the pieces on display you can answer without stuttering or having to go find out what they are.

Where will you be showing?

Finding a good venue is the first and most important step in the process. Find a gallery with the right look, feel, and dimensions for your exhibit.

For example, galleries that are too big can be overwhelming for viewers (and you’ll have less control of the lighting), while too small galleries can give the pieces an unprofessional appearance and feel cramped. Keep in mind that bigger pieces need more space – which means opting for a spacious venue with high ceilings rather than a smaller one with lower ceilings.

At this point, it might be worth looking into whether or not they accept works on paper or if they’re open to adding new media or just paintings in general. It’s also good to know if there’s a specific day of the week when you should schedule your exhibit opening – maybe Monday?

What service will you provide clients?

We offer an exclusive, yet affordable service for both artists and art collectors. Our expertise allows our clients to be confident when buying a piece of art that is worth the investment.

We are always around on opening night with our team ready for any questions about the artist’s background or about shipping their artwork and framing.

Lastly, we provide them with a certificate of authenticity and photo documentation of the final installation. After you purchase your artwork, we work hard to make sure it is safely wrapped up and shipped off to its new home so you can enjoy it in your own space.

How much will it cost them?

Costs vary depending on whether or not the opening is a solo show, group show, or performance. And costs also vary from gallery to gallery. You can expect to spend between $1,000 and $10,000 for an opening night (depending on the event).

The cost may be included in your rental fee or exhibition cost. Additionally, some galleries will require you to provide your own security personnel; this might mean paying them offsite by yourself.



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