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The Upcoming Amazon Prime Video 2024

The Upcoming Amazon Prime Video 2024

Get ready, film lovers of America, The Upcoming Amazon Prime Video 2024 is about to unleash a cinematic bonanza! This wide streaming site offers something for every taste, from heart-pounding action films to heartbreaking dramas, clever romantic comedies to cerebral science fiction.  Get take your popcorn, turn down the lights, and get ready to watch Prime Time content all year long!

Adventure with Action:


Fallout (Series, 2024):


April 12, 2024, exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in the USA
When vault doors creak open, a post-apocalyptic wasteland fill of possibility and danger is expose. With Pip-Boys leading the way, factions fighting for survival, and Vault dwellers emerging into the harsh reality of the Commonwealth, the renowned video game franchise makes a dramatic television debut.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith (Series, 2024):


February 2nd, 2024, on Amazon Prime Video in the USA.  Get ready for wild jokes, exciting gunplay, and possibly even a dance floor brawl worthy of the original. The hilarious banter and explosive Smith family chemistry are returned in this action-comedy remake of the beloved movie, which promises to have you on the edge of your seat.

Upgraded (Movie, 2024):

Upgraded” will be released on February 9, 2024, in the USA on Amazon Prime Video. Camila Mendes and Archie Renaux appear in this oddball story that combines sci-fi and romance. Prepare yourself for a romantic tale with an AI twist and a hint of existential reflection, as a young lady struggles to deal with the unanticipated effects of a malfunctioning brain implant.

Drama & Emotion:


Musica (Movie, 2024):

Enter Rio de Janeiro in the 1960s and let the samba beats envelop you. The passionate love tale of a budding musician and a young woman battling social pressures is told in this energetic musical drama. Awe-inspiring sights, moving examinations of desires and dreams, and a soundtrack that will stick in your head long after the credits have rolled should all be expected.

Outer Range (Season 2, 2024):

The Abbotts return to their ranch in Wyoming, where the mysteries only get more. This gripping drama’s second season explores the black pit at the bottom of their pasture, family secrets that won’t go away, and a terrifying rancher with evil plans. Get ready for even more surprising turns and enthralling performances.

Them (Season 2, 2024):

In this season, the Emory family’s horrible journey through an all-white 1950s community is carried out. Amidst the gloom, expect heightened social commentary, spine-tingling tension, and a ray of hope as they face the horrible truths of racism and society authoritarian rule.

Independent and Global Treasures:


This Is Me Now (released in 2024):

This documentary film Enjoy this wonderful documentary that  the Spice Girls’ journey twenty-five years later and add some spice to your life. Prepare yourself for behind-the-scenes discoveries, maybe even a reunion you never saw coming, and a reminder of the continuing force of girl power—from their meteoric rise to their lasting mark on pop culture.

Reina Roja (Series, 2024):

Enter the cyber-thriller universe of “Reina Roja,” a female hacker battling for justice in the shadows of the internet. High stakes espionage, suspenseful action, and a fierce protagonist taking down the system one algorithm at a time are all promised in this Spanish series.

Hazbin Hotel (Season 2, 2024):

This is the return of Hell’s most popular musical, featuring catchy tunes, dark humour, and Charlie’s continuous journey to redeem her demonic customers. A beautifully animated package with humour, gore, and surprisingly intelligent perspectives on payment for you.


Series to Spark Your Interest:


Road House (Movie, 2024):

In this retelling of the famous martial arts movie, Jake Gyllenhaal plays Dalton, the renowned bouncer with a dark history. Anticipate heart-stopping action scenes, profound emotional moments, and maybe even a guest appearance from the original cast.

The Underdoggs (2024) film:

Facing relegation, a ragtag high school basketball team rallies for one last shot at victory in this heartwarming family film. Anticipate unlikely victories, motivational moments, and endearing familial relationships as they overcome obstacles and reaffirm the genuine significance of cooperation.

Invincible (Season 2, Part 2, 2024):

Midway through season 2, Mark Grayson’s hero’s journey takes a sharp turn. Family fractures deepen, cosmic threats escalate, and Omni-Man’s true motives finally come to light. Get ready for furious fights, poignant discoveries, and a peek into Viltrumite supremacy in the future.

Saltburn (Movie, 2024):

Be on the lookout for Emerald Fennell’s next film, a scary mental drama with Barry Keoghan in an unusual role. It’s the follow-up to Promising Young Woman. Get ready for mysteries, thrills, and surprising turns.

Polite Society (Movie, 2024):

Unexpectedly macabre and hilarious, “Polite Society” sends a British bachelorette party spiraling into  its unique blend of comedy and horror. Prepare yourself for an exciting journey into the strange and uncomfortable.

Stranger Things Season 5 (2024):

Eleven faces a fresh threat, and the future of the town is at stake as the Hawkins gang prepares for their ultimate fight in the Upside Down. There will be epic fights, nostalgia, and a painful farewell to the wonderful characters that have won our hearts over the years in this final season.

So, its your The Upcoming Amazon Prime Video 2024 ! Happy streaming!

Get Ready American’s: Your 2024 Watchlist Starts Here on Prime Video.



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