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There was a radically powerful moment in ‘Wonder Woman’ that most people missed

Wonder Woman-3
After Wonder Woman hit the big screen this past summer, the internet exploded with praise for Gal Gadot’s tight, shapely Wonder Woman thighs, which were highlighted quite effectively by her signature thigh-high red boots.
Wonder Woman thighs – and Gal Gadot’s thighs in general – have been an internet obsession ever since. But there was an even more radical moment during Wonder Woman that went virtually unnoticed – until now, of course…!’


Wonder woman thighs. A phrase that is not often heard, seen, or talked about. Diana Prince’s thighs are one of many things she is known for. She is strong, she has amazing combat skills and she can fly. But did you know her thighs are just as amazing?
In the final battle scene of Wonder Woman when Steve Trevor passes away, Diana’s armor changes from gold to black, emphasizing her grief and mourning.
As she kneels next to Steve’s body there is a slow-motion scene where we see her hands trace his hairline and part of his face before coming to rest on his forehead – with her thighs spread over his body.
The camera then moves down to focus on the lines created by her legs in the sand (Wonder woman thighs) while the music swells behind her.
It’s an incredibly intimate and heart-wrenching scene that portrays Diana at this point as more than just a superhero, but also a human being.
It shows how much she cares for Steve and how much he meant to her even though they were only together for such a short time.

The scene in question

There are many wonderfully inspiring moments in Wonder Woman. There’s the wonderful scene of Diana watching General Antiope train women to fight, there’s the scene when she leaps from the crashing plane, and there’s the scene where she confronts her German counterpart.
In one particularly heart-wrenching scene though, Diana saves Steve Trevor from a squadron of Germans. When he asks what her name is and she replies Diana, he tells her it’s beautiful and that means The moon goddess.
All these things together come together for an incredible whole, but there was also one particularly incredible visual moment that nobody really talks about, and I’d like to bring attention to it here.
And then talk about Gal Gadot’s thigh somewhere? Like right at the beginning? For example: The actual real-life studio notes say – We need to see more thigh.

The radical power of the scene

Wonder Woman-4
The end of the movie is the first time we see Diana’s face, and it’s not a surprise to anyone when she reveals herself as Wonder Woman. The scene shows her running across No Man’s Land, deflecting bullets and throwing grenades at enemy soldiers.
She saves one of her comrades who had been shot down from an airplane, saving his life with her shield as he falls into her arms.
The final scene shows her kneeling on the ground, taking off the mask she wore for 99% of the movie to reveal Wonder Woman thighs on full display.
It’s hard to find power in any individual scene in this movie because there are so many powerful moments that contribute to its greatness.

What this means for the future of superhero films

What Diana showed us is that women can be fierce and ass-kicking, but also vulnerable and loving. She’s not just a female hero for females. She’s for all of us.
Wonder Woman’s thighs don’t just inspire little girls to kick butt, but they also show the world that we’re strong enough to love who we want and be who we are.
Gal Gadot’s thighs will go down in history as Wonder Woman’s most powerful asset, alongside her lasso of truth and golden eagle shield.
The gal gadot leg is what inspired me to spend my summer working out three hours every day so I could finally grow some gal gadot thigh myself!



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