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What Do Native Americans Believe About God?


Native Americans have been in America long before any Europeans arrived, and their culture has many interesting beliefs.

For example, one Native American belief says that God gave them the land in America as part of his plan for them to be prosperous and happy on it. Other beliefs revolve around being thankful for the great things God has given them, such as their culture, heritage, and good health.

Whether or not native Americans believe in God is up to you to decide after reading this article.

Native American spiritual journey

Native American beliefs about their creator vary from one tribe to another. The native people of North America share a belief in the Great Spirit, which they refer to as Incan or Man-Above-All.

For many tribes, the Great Spirit is not a specific god but rather just a force that created all things and set them in motion. Other Native Americans believe that the Creator made everything, including animals and humans.

Still other tribes believe in multiple gods who live on Earth with humans, who are therefore accountable for what they do.

Many People Believe There Is One God Who Rules Everything

Many Native American people believe in a single god who rules everything. They call this supreme being the Great Spirit and believe He created the world and all living things.

This one divine being is not seen as male or female, but is recognized as both genders.

The Great Spirit is believed to be present in all things and to have power over life, death, healing, etc.

Best books on native American spirituality

In Native American Spirituality, Ray A. Williamson writes, The spirituality of the native people is not a religion in the sense of  theology or dogma, but rather an encompassing way of life.

He goes on to write that there are no specific teachings about a creator or how the world was created. Instead, native spirituality focuses on being in touch with nature and living in harmony with it.

In his book, Black Elk Speaks, John G. Newhart describes Black Elk’s ideas about the world around him:

Are native Americans pagans

Native American culture is varied and complex. It includes a mixture of animism, polytheism, shamanism, totemic, and a belief in a single creator.

Some tribes believe in one god while others believe in many gods and goddesses.

The Aztecs believed in many different deities including Huitzilopochtli, the god of war; Catlike, the goddess of life; and Tlaloc who was the god of rain.

What was the Native American way of life?

The Native American way of life was influenced by the environment around them. Indigenous groups had to learn how to adjust their lifestyle and beliefs to the different seasons, which may have been warm and mild in the summer, but cold and harsh in winter.

The seasons were also a time for celebration and ceremonies. For example, after a long winter, people would join together to celebrate the Earth’s renewal with planting festivals.

Native Americans believe that all living things are related to one another on this Earth. In general, they believe in two spirits: one is good, while the other is bad.

These spirits can take many forms, such as animals or natural forces like wind and thunderstorms.

Christianity and indigenous spirituality

The belief systems of many Native Americans are a combination of Christianity and indigenous spirituality. But what are the essential tenets of Christianity and indigenous spirituality, and how do they interact in that particular culture?

Let’s take a closer look: The Ten Commandments provide us with the backbone for living a Christian life.

These Ten Commandments are usually presented as three commandments from Moses: love your Creator, love your neighbor, and worship no other gods.

That said, there is still much debate about the religious identity of native peoples because people express both their indigenous heritage and their understanding of Christianity to varying degrees.



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