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Who is the New Black Panther?

New Black Panther
Black Panther first appeared in Fantastic Four #52 and was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The character, who has no superhuman powers, first appeared as the ruler of the fictional African country of Wakanda.
Now, T’Challa will be played by Chadwick Boseman in the upcoming Black Panther movie, which premieres next month on February 16, 2018. Take this quiz to find out how well you know Black Panther.
New Black Panther2

Introduction - Black Panther

This week, Marvel announced Black Panther and The Crew writer Roxane Gay as their new Black Panther writer. Gay is a queer black woman who will be responsible for continuing the legacy of this iconic character.
This groundbreaking movie by Marvel is a prime example of intersectionality at its finest. Representation matters, and it’s time for a different kind of hero to take center stage in comics. Marvel has also made an effort to diversify its creative teams in recent years.
In 2014, they gave Ms. Marvel creator G. Willow Wilson her own solo series with World of Wakanda, followed by two other titles—Black Bolt and Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur—created by black creators (Wilson and Brandon Montclare respectively).
In 2014, they gave Ms. Marvel creator G. Willow Wilson her own solo series with World of Wakanda, followed by two other titles—Black Bolt and Moon Girl & Devil Dinosaur—created by black creators (Wilson and Brandon Montclare respectively).

For 2018, Marvel has slated six new comic books led by black writers and artists, including

Spider-Man: Miles Morales by Saladin Ahmed and Javier Pulido;

Black Panther: Long Live The King by Nnedi Okorafor and Leonardo Romero;

Angela: Queen of Hel by Marguerite Bennett, Kim Jacinto,

Stephanie Hans; Black Widow by Marjorie Liu and Daniel Acuna;

Damage Control: Clean Up On Aisle 4! by Dwayne McDuffie et al.

America – 7byTa-Nehisi Coates And John Romita Jr.

This team-up shows that Marvel not only wants to continue showing diversity through different characters but through creators as well.

New Black Panther3

Early Life

The New Black Panther was born into a family with a long history of activism for civil rights. His father, who died in 2005, was a follower of Malcolm X and an activist in his own right.
His grandfather, also named Huey P. Newton, was one of the original founders of the Black Panthers and the Minister of Defense for their organization during its early years. His mother followed in her father’s footsteps and became active in social justice circles after she left college to raise her children.
She eventually joined the Black Panthers as well, eventually becoming chairwoman of the party before her death in 1990. Her son has now taken over that position. The new Black Panther views it as a great honor to be carrying on in his parent’s footsteps.

He sees his role not just as chairman of the Black Panthers but also as a spokesperson for what he describes as the natural evolution of this movement. And yet he feels that it is still very much about political activism: It’s important because we have been denied our democratic rights since colonization.

Becoming the Black Panther

The Black Panther, also known as King T’Challa of Wakanda, is a Marvel Comics superhero created in 1966. He’s considered one of the most popular and iconic superheroes of all time. And on February 16, 2018, he received his own movie!
So who exactly is this new Black Panther and why should you care about him? To answer these questions it’s important to know a little bit about him first. King T’Challa was born into royalty in Wakanda.
He inherited his father’s position as king following his death and took over as ruler of Wakanda when he came of age. During this time he served as a member of the Illuminati, a group comprised of Earth’s smartest minds tasked with solving all problems that could endanger humanity.

As Black Panther, he wields superhuman strength (able to bench press 1,000 lbs), speed (can run up to 60 mph), agility, durability, and reflexes; is an Olympic-level athlete; can change into a black panther at will;

possesses enhanced senses including night vision and animal senses; has fluency in multiple languages including English and Japanese; can create powerful energy shields around himself or other people.

Black Panther has an arsenal of advanced technology at his disposal including Vibranium claws (stronger than adamantium) that can cut through virtually any metal or substance imaginable; handheld devices capable of emitting powerful magnetic fields or electric currents;

Vibranium armor is designed for stealth purposes that absorb any kinetic energy directed toward him while protecting him from high-caliber bullets.

Powers and abilities

The new Black Panther, who goes by the name of T’Challa, has superhuman abilities that give him an edge in combat. He has heightened senses, strength, agility, and reflexes.
His suit also contains a technologically-advanced material that mimics his natural abilities and enhances his physical attributes. T’Challa’s suit also gives him virtual immunity to telepathy and mind control.
Though he is not immortal, T’Challa can withstand powerful energy blasts from Ultron or even a blast from Captain America’s Shield. The only thing that seems to be able to stop the Black Panther is Adamantium weapons forged in the fire with Wakandan metal – like Captain America’s shield.


The New Black Panther Party was founded in 1989 by Bobby Seale and Huey P. Newton. These two people saw a need for a new organization that would represent African Americans’ needs, and they created this party to fill that void.
The goal of this party is to provide resources, education, and information to people who are either not being represented or are misrepresented by other organizations. There are roughly 10 chapters across the United States with memberships ranging from 30-300 members.
You will know that you have reached your destination when you see stalls on both sides of the road selling leather goods and souvenirs. The bazaar is open daily from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM.
The goal of these chapters is to help educate communities about their rights and how they can go about exercising them, as well as providing social services when needed.



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