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How To Make A Bucket Hat Smaller?

bucket hat

When it comes to hat fashion, there’s no shortage of choices. Whether you’re looking for a classic fedora or something in the trendy bucket hat style, there’s a hat for you. But what if you don’t have an extra head of space and want to make the hat smaller? That’s where this blog post comes in. In it, we will teach you how to make bucket hats for women smaller without having to sacrifice style or quality.

From start to finish, everything you need is included so that you can make hats that fit your head just right. So read on and learn how to make a bucket hat smaller—it’s easy!

What Do You Need?

To make a frog bucket hat smaller, start by measuring your head circumference. Then, use the following formula to calculate the necessary size:

Hat size = Head circumference ÷ 2

For example, if your head circumference is 22 inches, your hat size will be small.

If you’re looking for a way to make your bucket hat smaller, there are a few things you can do.

First, take the hat off and measure the circumference of the head. Next, divide that number by 2 and multiply that number by .75. This will give you the new circumference size. You can now sew or adjust the brim accordingly.

Materials Needed:

  • 1 ball of yarn in light green
  • 1 ball of yarn in dark green
  • 1 small hook size H (5.00 mm)
  • Stitch markers


1. Begin by knitting the light green ball and the dark green ball together according to your chosen pattern. Make sure that both balls are big enough to fit over your head when completed. This will be the bottom of your hat.

2. Now, using the small hook, start working a slip knot into the top of each ball of yarn. You now want to start making chain stitches using the light green and dark green balls as your working yarns. Make sure that you work each stitch through both loops on the hook.

3. When you reach the desired length for your hat, stop working with the chain stitches and slide them off of your hook. You now want to cut off each end of your light green and dark green balls so that they are about 1/4 inch shorter than the width of your hat’s brim.

4. Use a needle to sew these ends together using a closed weave so that there are no holes in your hat when finished. Test out your hat by fitting it over your head and adjusting it until it is comfortable to wear. Congratulations! You have made a smaller bucket hat!

There are several ways to make a bucket hat smaller. One way is to use a smaller bucket. Another way is to use a smaller band or headband. A third way is to make the brim smaller. All of these methods will reduce the size of the hat.

Tips For Making A Bucket Hat Smaller

If you’re looking to make a bucket hat smaller, there are a few tips you can follow. First, try reducing the size of the brim by crocheting or knitting it smaller. Secondly, try using a smaller bucket hat size. Finally, take measures to ensure that your hat fits snugly—a too-large hat will billow out in the wind and look silly.



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